ZINAIDA — Ukrainian artist Zinaida Kubar
Born on 24.07.1975. She was born, lives and works in Kyiv. She works in various types and genres of visual art.

The artist is well known for her multifaceted philosophical works - videos, installations, performances, picturesque paintings, ornaments, in which she thoroughly explores the topic of a true folk life and creativity in the realities of the 21st century with plunging into the deep senses.

Her work is focused on the peculiarities of femininity and traditional culture, the diversity of authenticity and modernity, transformation of the ancient into the modern, the integration of sacred and mystical themes.

The flowers have a special place in her heart and paintings as well so, as of now, there are more than three hundred works.

The artist has created more than 50 videos, three hundred canvases and more than one hundred art projects in the fields of cinema, theater, modern ballet, music, fashion and NFT.